Tuesday, April 22, 2014

 A month ago...... you looked in eyes pleading... take me home... i could not ... just had to coax you and say.... my woes, could see your pulse... running down.... 79, 78, 77, 76.... said could i take your photo... "Haan" ... thats what you said...

just said ... i have to be in office... leaving now... walked away still did not truly believe you would follow me .. out.. and fly from this mortal pain...
10 DEC 1941 TO 20 MARCH 2014

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

.... to MEN..... hello Michael, Eric, Nigel... jess never gives up... just gives in August 2013

... Was bright and sunny, a hot day as August 2013 sets in  ... so many people rushing and the airport is always crowded..  Emirates really great with their curtesy to all the customers... and we passed the counter.. and the lounge... to be seated.... between two male passengers....

Kuwait has always been the home... no matter how many times we fly out and .... its not the things.. or the ways... i guess.. its just that .. moms ashes are burried here and this year even  dad laid to rest... that close we feel to Kuwait.. God Bless all...

mind goes back to GOA..
 the house i grew up in
 the house my children grew up in ..

Arriving in Mumbai... and we see how the changes.. go on adding .. new venues.. everytime we pass.. rushing from international arrival.. to domestic airport.. we sit down .. and await for flight to Indore,

a hot cup of coffee.. ..  makes you .. sit still .. till the hour in walk in .. tags checked.. there are more wires and mobiles in my luggage.. than clothes.. guess a set of garments is more than enough.. ..

The stern looks of the security staff around the airport the different shops, if you ever miss to buy something.. you can get it there.. still i wish they would put a counter to recharge a mobile and buy a line .. guess.. security reasons.. not to ....  next trip.. i hope to concentrate on taking better pictures..

Indore new aiport.. same taxi people to help you all so kind.... we drive out .. meeting San, at the Choitram.. and them to home...

Heavy baggage.. even though nothing much..
hot chae...  and we back to our relax.. moments...
things.. look a bit .. bleek ... and vague.. i should say.. at the Lemon... is the reason .. with a squeeze of sourness... hahaha yes San... another speed breaker...
we come.. back... soon... its.. a beautiful .. day...
dates out in Kuwait.. with the hot weather....


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Orchids of Ohio and the Midwest: Welcome to Orchids of Ohio!

Orchids of Ohio and the Midwest: Welcome to Orchids of Ohio!: Welcome to Orchids of Ohio: your online resource for the state's indigenous  Orchidaceae   flora!  It's my wish to build this websi...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For a Doctor's view ....Thank you God

to my Late Dad....

Sunday - Jan 20, 2013
It is with deep grief and sorrow I pen down these few sorrowful lines coming on to the fore from bottom of my heart. This is on the late Mr. Joao Frencisco Santana Fernandes Carvalho popularly known as Santan Carvalho who expired in Kuwait on 18th of this month. Santan Carvalho was from Raia Salcette, did his schooling up to Matriculation at St. Joseph’s High School, Arpora, Bardez, Goa; this school is the first English High School of Goa.
During his entire scholastic career as a Boarder he performed well in studies but in sports representing his School at all Goa level he performed extremely well. During those days when Goa was under Portuguese rule Matriculation was the highest level of English education in Goa and if anybody wanted to pursue still higher education in English one had to migrate to Bombay or Poona or Belgao or elsewhere.
The standard of this school during those days was so high that inspite of being a school it was still called as written in Portuguese on the school board at its entrance "COLLEGIO DIOCESAN DE ST. JOSE – ARPORA". The motto of this school was written on school calendar in Latin as "TAKE THE NECESSARY FOOD AND DEPART". Depart where? In the jungle? No! Depart to higher world to acquire higher things in life.
With this view in mind Santan Carvalho after completing his education in Goa came to Kuwait approximately in 1955 by Ship which berthed in the deep Sea behind Seaf Palace from where small Barges used to go and bring the passengers from the berthed ship, to the shore for Customs clearances and other formalities for the passengers to enter Kuwait. Santan Carvalho like other Goan passengers carried the prestigious Portuguese Passport since Goans from Goa were treated by the Portuguese Government as overseas Portuguese citizens. Because of Portuguese nationality Goans in Kuwait enjoyed superior treatment compared to other Indians holding Indian Passports. This is one of the reasons Goans acquiring jealousy from other Indians.
During those good old days it was said, "if you want to attain laurels in Sports in Goa then join Arpora School". With this view in mind as an ambitious sportsman at an early age, Santan Carvalho came to Arpora School with a Violin in his hand since it was a part of his life and met with the then great Principal of that School Fr. Philipe Neri Mendonca popularly known everywhere as Fr. Mendonca. Seeing him with a Violin in his hand, Fr. Mendonca asked this young and physically well built boy full of positive energy ‘what he wants’.
For this question the young boy replied saying ‘Fr. I want to join this school’. Then Fr. Menondance asked "Do you know to speak English well?" The boy surprised Fr. Menonca by speaking not only in English but also in Portuguese and also playing Violin. Seeing such a fabuluous talent in him Fr. Mendonca registered the young boy as a boarder where he developed as an extra ordinary soccer goalkeeper playing for school team as a first choice goalkeeper.
During those good old days in Goa representing Arpora School in any discipline of sports means representing Goa. Since it was a boys school, any boy from this school coming out first in any item at All Goa Inter-school Athletics Meet means he was the best in Goa. This trend lasted till I finished my schooling at Arpora since I was the last Arpora student to win at All Goa School level the individual championship in athletics creating new record for 100 metres sprint. Arpora school then known to create gigantic sportsmen and Santan Carvalho was one of them and I was the last from this gigantic category from this school. After me this school did not create giants of our type in Athletics nor in Soccer.
According to senior teachers at Arpora school, Arpora school has never produced a magnificent goalkeeper like Santan Carvalho. When once he injured his left hand, he started catching the ball in his right hand but never got substituted. Rarely did it seem he allowed his opponent to score a goal from the penalty kick. When playing against Liceu many of the Portugese players out of frustration tried to kick him but since physically he was very strong he never allowed his opponents to succeed in their nasty plans.
He had unique distinction of diving for the ball from one corner of the goal to the other to stop the ball. In the air he would not allow the ball to enter into his net. His height was his big advantage. Once when I asked the secret of his success under the bar, he replied saying "I was constantly praying while guarding the goal posts as per the advice of Fr. Mendonca and this prayer was making me impenetrable".
He was one of the best violinist playing Violin for Arpora school choir. Even in Kuwait he was known to be a good violinist, many times playing in the Church especially Motets during the Lent season. When C. Alvares died we called a condolence meeting at Village Inn, Kuwait City. During this meeting the late Rosary Ferns with Thelma rendered the best duet song of C. Alvares "TARVAR VETAM" and musical score for this song was beautifully provided by Santan Carvalho on his beautiful Violin.
He was a great hearted Goan having all the attributes of pristine Goan. He was expert on Goan history and culture. As a Goan he had great love for Goa and Goans and always ready to give a helping hand for needy Goan and Goan causes. He had especial Niche in his heart for those who studied at Arpora.
He has never seen me in Goa as a best runner of Goa winning 100, 200 & 400 metres races nor playing first class soccer for Sesa but he only heard of me. When I came to Kuwait he located my presence and came sprinting to wish me and offer a helping hand. When he came to know I am jobless and desperately looking out for one, he put in his words to some of his friends. When I told him not to inconvenience because of me, he replied saying that it was his duty as en ex Arporite to help another ex Arporite. What a great wisdomatic thought!! Only wisdomatic persons think in this way and for that matter how many ex Arporites having power and position think thus?
In his death Goa lost a great soccer goalkeeper, Kuwait Goan community a very good person and his children a loving and responsible father. To all his loving children I confess that I am too deeply sad of your daddy’s death. He was daddy to you but elder and loving and caring brother to me. I too will miss him just as you miss him. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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Thursday - Jan 24, 2013
A great tribute to a very remarkable man. May his soul rest in peace.
Venancio Fernandes
Monday - Jan 21, 2013
A lion passed away, very sad news to me. At Arpora we were called "lions" in honor to the founder of the school, Fr.Lyons. Your article brought to my mind distant and dormant memories. I remember him well, a daring goal keeper of the Arpora Lyons team during my school days as a boarder and student also at that famous school. He was an excellent sportsman, good friend and also a good performer on the stage during our school konkani "tiatr" on the occasion of our rector's birthday, Fr. Mendonza. I was the school's Commander of Mocidade Portuguesa at that time. Boarder for five years I made lot of friends but I dont know were they are now. I remember their faces as young boys full of energy and life. Teachers like Mr Rafael, Ildefonso, Natalina, Mogul, Fr.Peter, Fr.Furtado and many more, left their mark in my memory and in my heart. All these remembrances now make my eyes watery with tears of thoughtful gratitude. As the song goes "Those were the days my friend we thought they would never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day....."

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All Atoms of the Moment .. thats Sans

Maria said: if you believe it is GOD
If you do not it is just a STONE s t on e / st one / s tone /
Just a picture.. …
A pot with a flower

The "Lion": lying flat no matter how much strength

The linga – necessity of human

The hard base… of reality


The tiny drum of happiness

Eyes closed to all around

An embrace

Few materials as necessary

Covered what should not be shown

Head a little higher than the body… standing with head up always

Water flowing.. from above

No other covers